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449 Pomfret St., Pomfret CT 06258

Library Expansion- Timeline 12/2015 through present

  • December 2015 – Board of Directors discussed PPL Strategic Plan and realized that our facility was limiting our services. They ask: can we expand? Can we finish the basement or attic?
  • Analysis of facility
    • What is the current state of the library facility?
    • Staff focus group – what would our wish list include?
    • Mission/Needs analysis – what do we need (from our facility) to accomplish our mission
  • Feb 2017 -Community Needs Survey regarding Library Services
    • Found community interest in expanding the library and offering more library programs
    • also confirmed in Town budget surveys 2018 & 2019
  • CT State Library
    • Library Space Planning Guide and worksheet
    • CT Public Library Standards: Facility
  • January 2018 – PPL Board recruits an Exploratory Building Committee to explore possibilities for expansion
    • Included Walt Hinchman, Fred Williams, Peter Deary, Charlie Weedon, and Library Board members Dave Ring, Ann Hinchman, Ginger Lusa, Sylvia Danenhower, Laurie Bell
    • April 2018 – Hired Evelyn Cole Smith, Architect (specializing in Historic Preservation)
    • Approached Pomfret School re. gift of land
  • November 2018 – Applied for and was awarded CT State Public Library Construction Grant
    • Grant application was prepared by Evelyn Cole Smith, Architect, and Laurie Bell, Library Director
    • Grant covers 50% $(421,800) of estimated constructions costs ($843,600)
    • PPL Board has set the goal of raising $500,000 in donations (deadline: November 2021) to cover
      • Matching grant funds
      • Construction costs not covered by grant
      • Fund Raising Consultant
      • Other costs of fund raising campaign
    • February 2019 – Pomfret School Board of Trustees approves request for land donation
    • May 2019 – Town funded capital improvements
      • Septic system is installed
      • parking lot is doubled from 12 to 24 spaces
    • May 2019 – PPL Board recommends to Town that we hire RPC Associates as Fund Raising Campaign Consultant
    • September 2019 – Capital Campaign begins
      • Leadership Team: Kate Cerrone, Chair; Marc & Mary Archambault, Co-Vice Chairs; Ron Coderre, Consultant Laurie Bell, Library Director; Ginger Lusa, PPL Board Chair; Anne Miller; Ray Navarro; Dr. Steven Raheb; Nancy Weiss; Ann and Walter Hinchman
    • June 2021 – Project receives the approval of the State Historic Preservation Office
    • September 2021 – received the deed for .26 acres south of the library, gifted by Pomfret School

Construction Grant Process:

  • A CT State Library Public Library Construction Grant of $421,800 was awarded November 2018
  • The funds must be matched by November 2021
  • Town seeks approval of the plans from the State Historic Preservation Office
  • Town requests that the State Bond Commission approve the grant, and subsequently signs a Construction Grant Contract
  • After approval, we have 18 months (May 2023) to initiate the project