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Unicorns Forever!


What’s in Your Box?

  •  Yet another Imagine Your Story tag to add to your collection!
  • Rice Krispie Treat with candy melt and sprinkles and a Unicorn Kisses seltzer to wash it all down.
  • Stickers, scratch art, and a unicorn scavenger hunt
  • Watercolors, paper and a straw to make a rainbow background and a castle silhouette
  • Balloons and Orbeez water beads to make a Unicorn poop rainbow stress ball!
  • Modeling clay

Build a Shape Castle

  • Every unicorn needs a castle!
  • use your watercolors and the straw to make puddles of paint on the photo paper, and then blow on the paint to blend and cover the background.
  • let it dry
  • cut out some basic shapes from the black paper – rectangles, triangles and the like – and arrange them to make a castle
  • view other fun techniques for your background at the pinterested parent

Make a Stress Ball filled with Unicorn rainbow poops!

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