Hours: Tu, Wed, Th. 10-6
Fri 2-6, Sat 10-2
449 Pomfret St., Pomfret CT 06258

June 23 – August ??


You can register at any point this summer, but your early registration will help us with our planning. Thank you!

Here’s How it Works

Each Reader sets their own Daily Reading Goal. It can be a number of pages or chapters, or the number of minutes, or any other way you want to measure. Make the goal something that will be just a little bit of a challenge, but won’t feel like a chore – because reading should be fun!

Play the “Imagine Your Story” Board Game. Collect Story Prompts while you play, and then ‘imagine your story’ using the prompts. Record your story in some way. You can write a narrative, a poem or a song; draw a poster, graphic novel or cartoon; design clothes or castles or code your story with Scratch. Create something – anything you like! – that will illustrate your story so you can share it with others. 

Collect your Story Box Once you have met your daily goal at least five times, and shared your story, you can collect a Story Box. It will be chock-a-block full of prizes, supplies for games and crafts, snacks and all manner of fun stuff! Think: a subscription box that you don’t have to wait a month for… The program is the same for Early or Independent Readers, but the boxes will vary a bit for the two age groups. 

Play Again! The themes for the boxes will be dragons, fairies, trolls and unicorns. Once you get one Story Box, you can start over to meet your daily reading goal 5X again, imagine and share a new story and collect another box until you’ve collected all four.


A Word about Summer Events…

Watch the library website, Facebook and calendar for info about any kids summer events. We won’t be having special performances for Summer kick-off or closing this year, but we do hope to host some outdoor events for small groups once we can safely do so.

…and a Word about Family Time at the Library

Here’s what we’re doing to encourage safe use of the kids room once we are able to have the public in the library:

  • family groups will be able to reserve the kids room for their exclusive use in 1/2 hour appointments from 10-2 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Otherwise it will be first-come first-served with a limited capacity of four people. Reservations will be made through the library calendar.
  • Families can reduce the frequency of their library visits by requesting an extended checkout period (excepting NEW and high demand books) and collecting the entire Summer Reading kit at one time.
  • all toys and some furnishings have been put away for now
  • windows and doors will be kept open, weather permitting
  • hand sanitizer, masks, six-feet, etc. whenever interacting with other  library patrons or staff