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Welcome to the Dragon's Lair!

What’s in your Box?

  • A collectible ‘Imagine Your Story’ tag!
  • A yummy “Dragons Love Tacos” themed snack – Corn chips with taco sauce, and Dragon Whispers to wash it down (youtube reading below)
  • Craft supplies (instructions found below)
  • Coloring pages for some quiet fun
  • A crystal and/or a rock to paint a dazzling Dragon’s Eye
  • a baby dragon in an egg!

Flying Dragon Craft (Family Reader boxes)

  • cardboard tube and green paper
  •  yarn
  • tissue
  • googly eyes
  • from home: glue, scissors, marker


  1. Cover the cardboard tube with green paper for the body
  2. cut out wings, head and tail
  3. draw a face on the head and glue on the eyes
  4. attach the wings, etc to the body. add some tissue flames, if you like.
  5. loop the yarn over a doorknob, pass the ends through the tube, and pull the strings apart to make the dragon fly!

Detailed instructions and photos are HERE

Dragon Marionette (Independent Reader boxes)

  • foam bits
  • green paper & “flame” tissue
  • cotton ball eyes
  • yarn – 1 long, 2 short
  • from home: marker, glue, scissors, pencil for poking holes

Summary -watch Miss Heather’s video below!

  1. cut one black tube into four rings
  2. thread colored rings and short black rings onto long piece of yarn, alternating colors
  3. use a pencil to poke a hole in one black tube, about 1/2″ from end. run your yarn in the end of the tube and out the new hole
  4. thread on another black tube
  5. poke another hole 1/2″ from end on a back tube, then flip the tube and make another hole on the opposite end and opposite side. run your yarn in one hole, and out the other
  6. cut out feet and wings. attach feet to either end of short strings and drape them over a body segment. tape or glue on your wings.
  7. glue on cotton ball eyes (use a marker to make the pupils) and add some tissue flames to the mouth

This craft was adapted from the one we found HERE

Dragon Eyes

  • crystal cabochon and/or rocks
  • from home: acrylic paint and small brush or nail polish or paint markers or whatever you have for rock painting

 Watch the video to see how to paint a dragon eye on the bottom of your crystal. You can use paint or nail polish. Some boxes also have a rock or two…
Need ideas? see our Dragon Eye Pinterest Board for pictures and tutorials


Miss Heather’s favorite Dragon Books

Dragon’s love Tacos by Adam Rubin (picture)
Kenny & The Dragon by Tony DiTerlizzi (JF)
Hatching Magic by Ann Downer (JF)
Eragon Series by Christopher Paolini (middle/high school)
The Neverending Story by Michael Ende (teen/adult)

More Great Dragon Fun!