Here are a few ways you
can donate to the library:




Books and DVDs: We always accept your gently used books and DVDs. Materials that fit our collection policy may be kept for the library; everything else is passed on to the Friends of Pomfret Public Library for their book sale. We ask that you do not bring in encyclopedia sets, old magazines, VHS or cassette tapes, or books that are damaged or soiled.

Funds: The town of Pomfret maintains endowment funds on behalf of the library. If you would like to give in this way, please contact the chair of the Library Board of Trustees or a town selectman. The Friends of Pomfret Public Library are a 501(c)3 organization; you may also make a tax-deductible donation to them at any time. All of the funds that they receive are of direct benefit to the library.

Time: Consider serving on the Library Board of Trustees. The board has nine elected members who serve a six year term. Speak with the library director, a current board member or the chair of the Democrat or Republican Town Committee if you would like to know more about the board’s role and responsibilities. The Friends of Pomfret Public Library is always working on fundraising on behalf of the library; contact the president of the Friends if you would like to help with an ongoing project or have a great idea you would like to pursue.

In-kind contributions: We go through a lot of glue sticks! The library can always use office and craft supplies, paper goods and the like, so think of us when you’re cleaning out your cupboards. Even small contributions help us stretch our budget.

Talk it up!: The majority of the library’s funding comes from town tax revenue. If the services of the library have benefited you and your household in some way, be sure to let your friends, neighbors and town officials know about it.