Build a Better World – ADULTS

Read Great Books!

Win Great Prizes!

For each book you read (or listen to) this summer, fill in a raffle ticket. We’ll hold drawings for prizes at each of our summer events for grown-ups. Prizes include:

  • Lunch for two at The Vanilla Bean
  • $50 gift certificate for Eastford Building Supply
  • maple syrup!
  • tools for your home improvement projects
  • accessories for home organization
  • a copy of The Lost Village of the Higginbothams

Thank you to Eastford Building Supply, The Vanilla Bean and Hull Sugarhouse for their contributions to our summer reading prizes!

Summer Events

Thursday, June 22, 7 PM @ the library
Plan your Purge!
Building a Better World starts with de-cluttering the world you have. Join Beth Bernard, Clutter Coach, and learn how organizing your home can have a transformational effect on your life.
Registration Required @

Thursday, July 20, 7 PM @ Old Town House, 11 Town House Drive, Pomfret
Abandoned Villages and Ghost Towns of New England
Some villages thrive, others do not. Tom d’Agostino will tell us about some of New England’s failed attempts to build a better world.

Thursday, August 24, 7 PM @ Old Town House, 11 Town House Drive, Pomfret
CT Civilian Conservation Corps
Have you ever been hiking a nature trail and stopped to wonder, “Who built these steps up this slope? How did they get the materials for a fire tower way up here?”  Author Marty Podskoch will  tell us about the millions of young men who served in the CCC and the 21 camps here in CT.