Animal Embassy, Thu 8/2 @ 4PM

Nature Rocks!
This educational & entertaining program will take families around the world with a unique group of rescued and adopted animals, representing diverse habitats. While exploring these habitats we will discover some of the musical instruments used by people indigenous to these regions including a rainstick, maracas or a drum. We’ll also discuss examples of animals that contribute to nature’s symphony including song birds, chirping crickets and chorus frogs. Families will meet incredible live Animal Ambassadors such as South American Chinchillas, North American Spring Peepers, a Cuban Tree Frog, an African Sulcata Tortoise, an African Lovebird or Australian Eclectus Parrot, an African Savannah Monitor and a Dumeril’s Boa from Madagascar.

Receive 1 book buck for attending this event if you are registered here for summer reading.


Library Director at Pomfret Public Library