Sound Garden Dedication

Make a Joyful Noise – In the Woods!

The Pomfret Public Library Sound Garden, dedicated Saturday, October 7, 2017, is an interactive public artwork, now open for the use of musicians young and old. The garden has instruments designed and created by local artist Dan Durand, and instruments purchased from Natural Playgrounds in New Hampshire.

The Aicher Garden deck is a special outdoor space that the library offers its patrons.  The woodland path with its benches and a picnic table, and now the Sound Garden, lures patrons off the deck and into the woods beyond.  The path connects directly to a trail created by Pomfret School’s Forestry Club in 2013 which meanders through the woods, to Grosvenor Road and across the road up a small stairway where it continues and comes out behind the school’s observatory.  Patrons can either turn around and walk back through the woods to return to the library or head for the new sidewalk that follows Route 169 and get back to the library that way.  The full woodland path/sidewalk loop is about 1.25 miles and is perfect for families with woods friendly footwear.


Scout Troop #26 prepares to install the Sound Garden instruments

The garden is a collaborative effort. Thank you to the following contributors:

  • Kristin Lavitt, former Children’s Program Manager, for the initial inspiration for a Sound Garden.
  • Eagle Scout Yves Geyer, with fellow scouts and students, for clearing and mulching the garden path. Materials provided by: Hull Forest Products.
  • Library board member and local musician Sally Rogers for coordinating the creation and installation of instruments with sculptor Dan Durand and Scout Troop #26.
  • Dan Durand for donating his creativity and time in making the brake drum and oxygen tank instruments. Materials provided by: DKC Auto Repair, Kurt Meyer of East Killingly, and Loos and Co.
  • Support from Friends of Pomfret Public Library and Pomfret Lions Club for the purchase of three of the instruments from Natural Playgrounds, Inc.
  • Pomfret Boy Scout Troop #26 members Josh and Jay Rolling, Gabby Labonte, Ann Stoddard, Nathan Cutler, Curtis DeSabre, Hunter and Russell Desabre, Owen Gratton for installation of the instruments.
  • Musicians for the dedication include: Sally Rogers, Tim Peck, Maria Sangiolo, and Rectory School students JJ Joseph and HarrisonFortenbaugh.
  • Refreshments for the dedication provided by The Bubble Tea Cart and Lapsley Orchard. 

    Eagle Scout Yves Geyer on the woodland trail behind Pomfret Public Library.


Library Director at Pomfret Public Library